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After over a decade of working with various labels, and helping countless artists sign their own deals, we’ve decided to take a similar route... signing an exclusive deal with an international brand for all of our music mastering work. Whilst we are very excited about this partnership, the decision was primarily reached to allow me to focus on new product development, research and testing.

In theory, I will eventually be more available to a wider audio community when product R&D concludes... we’re making big moves to bring some market changing products to the world.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and would like to sincerely thank all of our clients for some amazing music, and more importantly, some amazing personal experiences.

I’ll post some updates once our products are nearing availability.

Thanks again.

For the immediate future, we are not available to take any mastering or audio production projects...

The Butler Mastering is primarily centred around the skill and vision of lead engineer Paul Butler Tayar.

Mastering locally and internationally for over a decade Paul has mastered thousands of songs, for hundreds of signed and unsigned artists. Whether it is Hip-Hop, Rock, Jazz, Metal, Pop or Blues, to any and every Dance and Electronic music style imaginable, he has the expertise. This holds true to even the most esoteric of project... mastering Nepalese Metal, Cuban House [Vinyl], Papua New Guinean Rock, Indonesian Reggae or even Kenyan Pop.

Alongside mastering, Paul’s unique career has also included Design & Acoustic Consultancy for the largest in the Asia Pacific, Tracking, Mixing & large scale Live Production for the world’s biggest names, coupled with years of commercial radio experience as a Broadcast Engineer for TripleM and 2Day FM. This varied experience has given Paul a distinct and comprehensive perspective on audio production and his work reflects this.


Who is The Butler Mastering...


It is our friendly, relaxed & fastidious service that sets our business apart.

Hundreds of happy clients, both locally and internationally, both signed and unsigned, in every music genre imaginable, have been delighted by our work and by the mastering experience we deliver for a reason.

Our pricing is fixed to keep things transparent, these same prices include unattended [e-Mastering] or attended mastering sessions, as well as stereo or stem mastering... both are services that usually incur premium charges.

On completion of your project you will receive components that other mastering houses charge extra for, most importantly a DDP Master. You will also receive a Red-Book Master & a separate listening disc to keep your master pristine.


The Butler Mastering is a music mastering company based in Sydney. We are Mastering Music specialists that live and breathe all things music, everything about mastering audio, and are as experienced and technically knowledgeable about CD and CD preparation as there is.

Our Mastering Studio is of world class standard, both acoustically and technically. We have the experience to deliver world-class results in every music style there is. It’s all things audio and we’re loving every minute of it.

The Butler Mastering - World Class Listening Environment, Fixed Pricing, Guaranteed Results